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Assessing India’s Grapes and Onion Export

Assessing India’s Grapes and Onion Export

By exporting a record $523 million worth of onions in the first three quarters of 2022-23, India leads the ranks of onion exports. This is 16% more than that of the previous fiscal year, and exporters suggest that strong domestic supplies through increased production and rising global demand are the reasons for this jump and expect it to continue. One of the other key contributing factors is the government lifting the ban on onion exports in 2021.

Export of quality onions in India are Podisu onion, Red Onion, White Onion, Krishnapuram Rose Onion and Bangalore Rose Onion, among others. With the estimated production of onion in 2022 being 32 million metric tons compared to 18.93 million metric tons in 2015, the rise is evident. Bangladesh (37%), Malaysia (14%), Sri Lanka (12%) and Nepal (8%) are the countries where most of the onions are exported to.

Fresh Onions Export from India to top 10 Countries Year: 2022-23

Fresh Onions Export from India to top 10 Countries
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Just as onion exports are hitting new highs, grape export in India is creating waves too. Grapes may represent the greatest potential for increased exportation as India is already one of the world’s leading exporters. India’s ample supplies of fresh grape exports for the financial year 2022-23 are reflected both in volumes and value on good demand from Europe, the largest buyer. Indian grapes export shipments from India stood at 72K, most going to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, UAE, and Germany. Exporters are now considering Canada and China too as emerging markets.

Exports of Fresh Grapes from India to top 10 Countries Year: 2022-23

Exports of Fresh Grapes from India
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How PaySure is Beneficial for Grape and Onion exporters?

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Export with Confidence with PaySure

To be a successful grape or onion exporter, it is crucial to ensure timely payments from importers making it a challenge to identify trustworthy importers. With our PaySure program, exporters can connect with reliable importers in india and grow their onion or grape export business with confidence.

How PaySure is Beneficial for Grape and Onion exporters?

  • Establish your business’s credibility and have access to Ninja Global PaySure Importers based in Malaysia.
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Explore new possibilities and avenues for onion and grape export with Ninja Global’s PaySure solution. As we grow stronger in onion exports, the tides are shifting for grape exports with rising demand from Europe, and it’s just a matter of time before we make our mark in other continents. Ninja Global can help you lead the charge and build a thriving export business. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for any queries or questions and start shipping worry-free!

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