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Forging a Path of Growth for Indian Exporters

Forging a Path of Growth for Indian Exporters

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, first being China. It takes lead in producing bananas, mangoes, and guavas, with significant contributions from grapes, oranges, and pomegranates as well. Moreover, India has emerged as a major exporter of fruits, catering to countries like the UK, UAE, Malaysia, and others. Hence, the exporters in India are in high demand and have a good scope for further expansion. However, finding trustworthy importers who make timely payments is quite challenging for an exporter. Late payments, defaults, and inadequate working capital can disrupt your cash flow and hinder the smooth operation of your business.

At Ninja Global, we recognize the challenges you face in ensuring secure trade and managing your cash flow. To mitigate these challenges, we are introducing PaySure, a program that helps you secure export collections and avoid payment defaults. With PaySure, you can become a certified exporter. It opens up new opportunities to plan your business with greater flexibility.

Export with confidence using PaySure

Access to credible overseas importers: As the export from India to other countries has increased, connecting with credible importers is a tough task, and PaySure helps you with that. The PaySure program also offers you the advantage of connecting with reliable and credible PaySure importers. We have meticulously assessed their financial behavior and payment capability, ensuring you can partner with trustworthy entities.

Negotiate better freight rates from Freight Forwarding partners: You can now unlock additional benefits such as negotiating better freight rates from Freight Forwarding partners. It not only helps you optimize your transportation costs but also strengthens your position as a reliable exporter in the market. Read also, Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Freight Internationally

Get financial flexibility: Our PaySure program offers you a credit period of 15-30 days once you are certified as a PaySure exporter. This extended credit period provides you with more financial flexibility and enables better planning for your export operations. 

Credit limit: Use the credit limit in the PaySure program to get instant finance for any of your Freight Forwarding invoices. 

Secure your export receivables in Malaysia: With PaySure, you can connect with reliable Malaysian importers, minimizing the potential for payment defaults.  

Get started with PaySure today

Using PaySure, you can easily connect with reliable overseas importers who are looking to export from India. The entire process happens on the Ninja Global App.  

  • Start by downloading the Ninja Global App from the App Store (available for iPhone users) or the Google Play Store (available for Android users). 
  • Register for an account by providing your email address and proceed to verify it using the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your email.
  • Proceed to the exporter’s tab and tap on the ‘Apply for Payment Guarantee’ button. 
  • Submit your essential KYC and KYB Documents, including Aadhar, PAN Card, IEC certificate, and Business PAN Card. 
  • Select the Payment Guarantee Program that best suits your requirements and provide your phone number.
  • Submit your membership application by clicking the ‘Submit’ button. 

There is a huge market for import-export trade in India. Our fruits and vegetable exports are becoming increasingly popular in South Asian & Middle Eastern countries. Indian exporters can use this opportunity to turn it into a lucrative business if certain challenges are addressed properly. Ninja Global’s PaySure program is specifically designed to address various challenges faced by exporters like you, ensuring secure export collections and fostering business growth. Get in touch with us today for further assistance and to position your business for success in the global market.

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