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Access to overseas exporters and flexible-payment terms for Indian importers

Trade with verified exporters globally, get access to competitive CIF prices in India, and enjoy 15-30 days of the credit period.

    Verification of exporters to make trade secure for you

    Ninja Global confirms the legitimacy of exporters through physical verification. Our third-party Contact Point Verification process confirms the presence of the mentioned businesses at the given locations.

    Management of quality disputes

    We appoint a third party to conduct a thorough quality inspection of the fresh produce upon arrival. Our systematic grading system ensures that the inspection is impartial and you receive what was promised to you.

    Enjoy more flexibility in payment terms

    With us, you will be in a position to negotiate the payment terms with the exporter and can enjoy 15-30 days of the credit period. Get more negotiating power in terms of cost, timelines, and quality.

    Best CIF prices in the market

    Avail best in-industry CIF rates when you partner with Ninja Global for importing your products. Save upto 5% on your sourcing costs. Enjoy competitive pricing and high-quality services for your importing needs.

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    Why partner with Ninja Global?

    Bringing you the best opportunities in the global Agri-trade market

    Competitive CIF Prices to India

    Competitive CIF prices to India

    Enjoy 15-30 days of credit period

    15-30 days of credit period

    Ninja Global team will handle any dispute for you

    Quality dispute management

    Give your business the exposure it needs in the global market.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Would vary between 14-28 days at the trade level. We make sure both parties agree and acknowledge the credit period before the trade gets executed.
    No. We bring trades in both Fixed price [done basis] and Commission mode.