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Gulfood 2023 – Here’s What Went Down at the Biggest F&B Event in the World

Gulfood 2023 – Here’s What Went Down at the Biggest F&B Event in the World

As a rapidly growing agri tech company, we are taking our services and offerings worldwide. We are the front-runners to become a business staple for the import and export industry especially when it comes to all the countries that make up the GCC corridor. 

Gulfood 2023

We are an integral part of an emergent market that is valued at more than $5 trillion dollars on the global level. To lead the way for better, more agile, and tech-forward things, we need a competitive advantage. To do that effectively, we are working hard to get more familiar with the demands and supplies of different countries around the world.

One way for us to achieve this was to attend the highly revered Gulfood event.

We were overjoyed to be a part of this exciting and insightful event. Held from February 20 to February 24, 2023, the platform presented excellent opportunities to showcase the food and beverage services from various businesses in the world – and with that, it also made for an exceptional opportunity for businesses from different  stages of the supply chain to interact with one another.

A Little Bit About Gulfood​

Gulfood is an annual trade show and exhibition that showcases food and beverage products from around the world. This is the world’s largest F&B event which is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates every year.

Gulfood Event

This event is a critical one since it provides a platform for food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to showcase their products and services to buyers from the food service, hospitality, and retail sectors. 

This was the 28th edition of the Gulfood event and it attracted exhibitors and visitors from more than 125 countries to features their wide range of products and services.

Gulfood also included a range of industry seminars, workshops, and networking events which allowed industry professionals to exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends in the food and beverage industry, and build new business relationships.

This year, Gulfood had at least 5000 local, regional, and international suppliers from 5 continents to set up new records for the coming year.

Ninja Global at Gulfood 2023


Gulfood Event

We set up shop at Gulfood with a highly interactive booth. Our team set out to give information about our plethora of services and to actively learn about the importers and exporters who had joined us on the floor. Day 2 is when we received some significant footfall at our booth. We got a chance to interact with people from all over the world and build connections with both manufacturers, producers, and suppliers from GCC countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, USA, and Iran.

Key Takeaways From the Event

Gulfood was an excellent platform for us to understand the agri opportunities that the world is open to. We got in touch with people from the entire supply chain, and got to understand how there is a requirement for a tech platform to digitize, and streamline the international supply chain.

We also worked on getting a download of the pain points right from the mouths of the people on the ground – the importers and the exporters.

Another fact we gathered was how everybody from producers and manufacturers to suppliers and exporters are looking for verified connections in the industry so they can trade with trust.

In international trade, people involved in the import-export chain are susceptible to payment and quality issues and hence they are looking for a party that helps them eliminate these variables.

Attending an event that carries such great significance in the whole world, gave us all the exposure we needed to get to importers and exporters from different countries with our innovative solutions to end their problems.


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